The Berkeley Haas Tech Challenge is the premier MBA case competition focused on technology

Each Fall since 2011 the Technology Club at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley has put on the preeminent tech-focused MBA case competition. The challenge attracts MBA students from the best programs around the country who are passionate about technology, and gives them the opportunity to solve real-world business challenges. Competitors gain hands-on experience in the technology industry and exclusive access to the protagonist company. The three-day event is a fantastic opportunity for the protagonist company to leverage the creativity of top MBAs to solve a real problem facing their business, as well as as unique exposure to students during the recruiting season.

We are excited to announce that the sponsor and protagonist of the 2017 event is Ford Smart Mobility! The event will take place November 10-11 and the theme is “Driving Change: Finding Solutions For The Future Of Transportation”. MBA Team applications are due 10/24 and the link to apply is here.


“It’s 2016. Pretend it’s ten years from now. Paint your vision for the one biggest way in which super-fast Internet (> 1 Gbps) has changed American lives for the better.”



Winner: Chicago Booth


"Using Data to Build a Socially Responsible Initiative with Global Impact"


Winner: Yale SOM

Haas Dean Rich Lyons, Facebook CIO TIm Campos and the Yale SOM Team: Mark Khazanov, Amy Kao, Kaisi Li, Gene Sussman. Photo by Kevin Sartori

Article profiling the 2015 winners


"Internet of Things and Smart Cities"

Exploring how technologies can be used to bring improvements to the daily lives of millions



Winners: 1) Berkeley Haas, 2) Northwestern Kellogg, 3) UCLA Anderson

Article profiling the 2014 winners



"Consumerization of IT"

Identifying best ways to provide a seamless collaboration in the retail industry



Winners: 1) Harvard, 2) Berkeley Haas, 3) Stanford GSB

Article on the 2013 tech challenge

A combination of talented students from some of the most prestigious schools in US and sharp focus on consumerization of IT, yielded a mixture of creative ideas and interesting breakthrough that sheds new light on how to maximize value of IT at Gap. The ability to network and observe these bright students deliver on the case competition gave Gap an opportunity to learn from their insights and build future connections with these students and Berkley Haas
— Tom Keiser, Former CIO, Gap Inc.


"Leveraging Big Data"

Identifying opportunities for using big data to improve General Electric's Operations



Winners: 1) Duke Fuqua, 2) Michigan Ross 

Article on the 2012 Tech Challenge

Tapping a strong talent pool of students from the top academic institutions in the US to unlock the value in larger and larger volumes of industrial data brings a whole new level of insight on system operations for our customers. The result is helping to enable the Industrial Internet for new efficiency gains.

The case competition provided a great forum that gave GE the chance to network with students, listen to team presentations and strengthen our relationship with Berkeley-Haas.
— Katherine Butler, General Counsel of GE Software


"Cloud Computing"

Identifying opportunities for VMWare in the cloud computing industry