November 8-10, 2018

Big Data and the City of Tomorrow

Round 1 Prompt:

A “smart city” leverages available technologies and innovations to enhance the living conditions of its residents. It focuses on integrating infrastructure, social and human capital, and disruptive technologies to build a sustainable economy and promote participatory governance. Recent estimates anticipate the global smart cities market size to reach $2.6 trillion by 2025. Rising demand for new solutions is expected to be influenced by factors such as growing urban populations, limited natural resources, and an increasing focus on environmental sustainability. As you think about these challenges and applications, what most excites you about how big data can create the city of tomorrow? What new business opportunities do you think might emerge?

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The Berkeley Haas Tech Challenge is the premier MBA case competition focused on technology

We are excited to announce that the sponsor and protagonist of the 2018 event is Amazon! The event will take place November 8-10 and the theme is “Big Data and the City of Tomorrow”.

MBA Team applications have now close. Thank you to all the teams that submitted applications!

To learn more about how Amazon is helping develop more sustainable cities of the future, click here.

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