November 9-11, 2017

Driving Change: Designing Solutions For The Future Of Urban Mobility

Imagine your favorite city, your hometown or the last city you visited. Now imagine that congestion both on the roads and off is threatening the very things that you love about that city. Mobility companies, including traditional automakers and tech companies alike, are working furiously to solve the inefficiency of today’s modalities of transportation. Invisible technologies like autonomous driving, electrification, and machine learning are disrupting the very fundamental elements of traveling both to and around your destination. It’s up to you to think about what the city of tomorrow will look like and how we will fulfill the transportation needs of the people living in them. What business models will emerge, who will the players be, and how will private-public partnerships support them? Join Berkeley Haas Technology Club and Ford Smart Mobility LLC to explore what this all means for the future of transportation.


The Berkeley Haas Tech Challenge is the premier MBA case competition focused on technology

We are excited to announce that the sponsor and protagonist of the 2017 event is Ford Smart Mobility! The event will take place November 9-11 and the theme is “Driving Change: Finding Solutions For The Future Of Urban Mobility”. MBA Team applications are due 10/17 and the link to apply is here.

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